National Security Council

How the National Security Council makes decisions and the vast differences between the two generals he’s appointed as National Security Advisor.


The Wall

How did secure borders became part of the definition of a state, and how well have walls worked through history.



Candidate Trump's said that opponents should never know whether or not he would use nuclear weapons.


Politics of Fear (repeat program)

The meaning and purpose of hateful language.


Civil War

Explores the Civil Wars in Syria and Iraq in depth plus the Civil War we know best- our own. 



"You're fired"

President Trump fired the Director of the FBI. Does the firing amount to obstruction of justice? 


"Strongman" Edition

Host Neal Conan explores Human Rights place in President Trump’s foreign policy after he embraced autocrats and alienated democratic allies.


Politically Correct

Explores how the term Politically Correct became a wedge issue in the culture wars and in last year’s presidential election.


The EU: Trouble in Paradise

The institutions that created an extraordinary era of peace and security in Europe face an existential crisis.


Party Politics

Party Politics explores how Donald Trump thrives in a a time of political extremism, obstruction and filibuster.


Chemical Weapons

A single chemical weapon attack caused President Trump to switch positions on Syria and Russia. 



Democratic People's Republic of Korea

If North Korea continues its nuclear and missile programs, the Secretary of State says all options are on the table. 


Politics of Fear

The Politics of Fear Edition of Truth, Politics and Power analyzes the meaning and purpose of hateful language and the failure of imagination


America First

President Donald Trump transformed a campaign slogan “America First” into what he calls a new vision of America’s place in the world.


Deep State

The "deep state," is an alleged shadowy network Republicans believe are undermining the new president.


The South China Sea

Why a little known waterway is so important to the world’s two strongest powers.


Enemies of the People

Why an administration's credibility is vital to its success and what's the cost when it's squandered.


An Inaugural Special

A special inaugural broadcast, featuring guests Robert Kagan and Volker Ullrich.